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O2 Box Lacrosse

O2 Box Overview

O2 "Box" lacrosse is played inside of roller hockey rinks or soccer arenas.  Games are played in a 5 on 5 format with a goalie.  By creating an environment with less space, less players and the ball never going out of bounds, your son will be playing in a fast-paced environment where all players are involved.  He will be getting dozens of more repetitions, leading to an improvement in his overall game!

O2 Lacrosse are sanctioned members of both USBOXLA (US Box Lacrosse Association) and ECBL (East Coast Box League).  Our belief is that playing lacrosse in the box will make you a better field player.  We host fall and spring box lacrosse training programs in addition to traveling throughout the Nation during the winter and summer month seasons to play in our sanctioned events.  We host teams from 3rd Grade to rising seniors.

Box Lacrosse is incredibly popular in Canada and is exploding across the United States.  Many college coaches are now having all their players play at least some box lacrosse as it opens up an entire new skill set for a player.  Plus it's an absolute blast!