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O2 Lacrosse Overview


O2 Lacrosse is designed for all youth and high lacrosse players that are looking for more when it comes to learning, building and redefining their lacrosse skills and IQ’s in order to compete at the highest level.  The attention spent on developing the true fundamentals of lacrosse at practice rather than games is unparalleled.  Our hybrid field/box approach to training allows our players to become a "complete" player.


O2 Lacrosse programs will enhance our players lacrosse knowledge and techniques in both a positive and informative environment.

Our programs will work on individual needs while bringing their game to the next level through practice and repetition.


Our progressive training approach will allow all players, no matter the skill level, to grow and develop their own skills at their own pace. We believe that our developmental academy approach will allow each child to flourish in their own timeline.

“Division 1 lacrosse athletes spend 182 days a year training to play a 10 game schedule yearly. We at O2 Lacrosse Training Academy believe that this model should be extended into the youth program - Training First and Games Second.” Coach Brendan Gorman


1. Why should I join Team O2?

Team O2 was started with one thing in mind, to provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen any more in travel organizations.  Our coaches are among some of the best in the game today!

Some of the things that separate Team O2 from other travel teams:

  • Opportunities for players to develop at their own pace
  • Progressive Training Approach - More Training, Less Games
  • Hybrid/Box Training by the Team O2 Directors for all offensive and defensive players, as well as special training for goalkeepers and FOGOs.

2. How will I know if I made a team?

For all 3rd/4th Graders, everyone makes the Team O2 Modified Travel Team and will be put on a team according to skill.

For all other Travel Academy teams, you will be notified via email within a week of tryouts.

3. How do I secure my spot on Team O2?

Once posted, we ask that players register online to secure their spot.  We will begin fall practices in September.  All registrations are online at

4. What is the Team O2 Refund Policy?

Once a player commits to playing for Team O2 the spot is theirs.  To receive a refund, another player must fill that spot before a refund is issued.  If the player misses time because of an injury, a doctor's note must be supplied.

5. Fall Box and Winter Programs

If you plan on participating in O2 Fall/Winter Leagues and Team Programs, there will be additional fees.